Credit Card Payment Available Now

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

New Credit Card Payment method was added to our web-site.

We added a new credit card payment method to the list of available payment methods. With BTC Credit Card Payment you can use your VISA or MasterCard to pay for your order. BTC Credit Card is most secure payment method available. A simple verification process is required on first use to avoid online credit card frauds. Once account is verified the payment process is just the same as any other credit card payment. Payments are approved or declined immediately. Single orders up to 600 USD can be paid with credit card. Monthly limit for Credit Card payment is 3000 USD per user.

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10/10/2017 4:42 AM
Credit Card Payment ?

Can I just use my Visa card Now ???

10/11/2017 3:41 AM
Credit Card Payment

  Can I use my Visa card. You never had a problem with my using it in the past. Get back to me as soon as possible.


11/12/2017 11:36 PM

How do I get started?

2/4/2018 12:58 AM

Can’t seem to get it to work , would love just to use my VISA

3/2/2018 5:32 PM

ready to use

3/2/2018 8:37 PM
Visa Credit Card

I'm trying to order but see no where to use credit card

3/25/2018 7:35 PM
Credit card

I still cannot seem to use my credit card?  PLease advise when this is possible, I was a customer for a long time, but I prefer to use my CC, WU or Bitcoin.

3/26/2018 11:17 PM


4/19/2018 5:16 AM
Hopefully may soon discover where I may enter my Visa card

Sir or Madam:

Congratulations on a well formatted website with a plethora of medicines made ready for use. For the past 5 months I have been searching every now and then for Valium. Its scientifically proven to help ease major discomfort in the back.  And now,  although I am ready tonight to order Stedon tablets thru my Visa Card, my lack of technical skills makes it impossible of my finding the location of entering my payment information.  
I hope to hear from you soon.  I will be awake most of the night- no time is too late. And with that, I thank you for your time and consideration.

Stay well.

Matthew O'Neil

4/25/2018 8:17 AM
Mr David Ashton

Please inform me as to how to access payment by credit card.

5/9/2018 1:47 AM

Do you accept Amex? Comments below indicate there is a problem with credit cards.
Please advise